4 things I learned in my 20’s


Although I turned 30 in August, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my 20’s. The beginning of my 30’s have already been filled with many life lessons and changes (some good and some that will learn from in the long run…I hope). Here are 4 things that I learnt along my way through my roaring 20’s.

1. Life isn’t always like the movies

Growing up, I always pictured that my life would be like the movies. The beginning years of my 20’s would be all parties, booze and travelling the world and the last half would be married and starting a family.

Well I learned that my life wasn’t exactly like a movie but I got some kick-ass experiences anyways!

2. Travel is key to learning about yourself

In my 20’s, I got to visit Chicago (twice), Michigan, Ohio, Nashville, Knoxville, Regina, Boston and when I was 21, I was very fortunate to travel to 8 countries in 18 days with my best friend/cousin. This was the most amazing, stressful and crazy experience of my life (I will write a full post about this experience at some point). All of these adventures where filled sightseeing, nightlife and many laughs.

I learnt about friendship (and how I could sometimes be a bad friend without even knowing it), what I enjoy doing (I love history more than I thought and I am not into waking up early to go on any type of walking tour), and most importantly I learnt that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an amazing time.

3. Dreams change and that’s ok

I have not had a smooth path to where I am today and I don’t plan on the rest of my career and personal life to be a straight line. I learned that it is ok for life to be a windy path with on and off ramps to keep things exciting.

Embrace the unknown and understand that with predicablity comes boredom. No one wants to wake up and realize they have not had a little bit of adventure in their life.

I left high school thinking I was going to be one thing when I grew up and 3 degrees/diplomas later, life has kind of come full circle. I am so happy I followed my educational and business dreams along the way even though I will be paying off my student loans until I am 100 years old.


4. Keep friendships that bring something to your life 

Not all the good friends tell you what you want to hear and sugarcoat the bad stuff. It is really important to have friendships that tell you when you are being crazy and help make you a better person.

Throughout my 20s I had many friends come and go. The friends that were just a part of my life because we partied together, friends that I worked with and friends that wanted something. All of these people had a purpose in my life. Some are still a very large part of my life, others I am happy I no longer know and a few… I miss often.

I am very excited for the many adventures I plan to have in my 30s and beyond.

Cheers to the future!

Steph xoxo



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