March Favourites


March was a great month! I thought I would be a quick recap of some of my favourite things of the month.

d37ae81f47996c878a11776b9b5f329bMy new favourite fashion piece is this cute workout shirt I got from Walmart. I am a huge fan of motivation on my workout gear and this one reminds me of the small things I have been changing everyday to become a stronger person. Anyone know of any good places to get these kind of shirts?


d37ae81f47996c878a11776b9b5f329bMy current YouTube favourite (and has been one of my favourites for a long time!) is It’s Em Channel. We have similar style, a similar body shape and I love to see her little pup Harvey.

Emma is so inspirational sharing big life struggles and being very body positive.

If you haven’t, I recommend you go check her channel out!

d37ae81f47996c878a11776b9b5f329bThe book I am currently reading is The Lake House by Kate Morton. Although, I have just started it I am already in love! Kate Morton is such a creative novelist and she always keeps me on the edge of my seat (well the side of my bed because I usually read in the evenings). She just announced a new book which will be coming out in autumn and I can’t wait!


d37ae81f47996c878a11776b9b5f329bMy Netflix/TV obsession at the moment is Imposters. This show is so unexpectedly good and I can’t wait for the second season to start this month.

If you are into suspense, drama and a love square, than you will definitely love this show!


d37ae81f47996c878a11776b9b5f329bMy last favourite is my new CAR! Although, I did technically pick it up at the end of February, I went on my first road tip with it in March so I am counting that as a March favourite.

I got a brand new 2017 Buick Encore. I needed something small to be good on gas but large enough to make me feel safe with my long Canadian drive to work.

So far I am loving this little SUV and can’t wait to take it out for more road trips in the summer (I also can’t wait to get the summer tires on because they have nice shiny rims).

I hope everyone had a wonderful March and I can’t wait to see what April has in store!

Steph xoxo



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