What’s in my bag?


Today I thought I would act like an OG beauty blogger and share what is in my bag (or in my case, the small purse I won at a Stag and Doe).

I am not big into purses and handbags but when you win something you have to use it right?


Unfortunately, I am not sure of the exact style of this Kate Spade crossbody.

Even though I do love this bag, I think it is a little too small for my lifestyle. I am currently on the hunt for something bigger, that I can use to carry my iPad Pro and all of the other items that keep my day running smoothly.


Since this purse is very small, I can only fit the essentials.

I have a beautiful matching wallet in Oxblood (that I won at the same time). Oxblood is my favourite colour for purses and bags. I first fell in love with it when I saw Mikhila’s Oxblood Cambridge Satchel years ago (click on her name to link to the most recent post I can find on her blog of this bag).

Of course, I also have my keys and fob to ensure I can get to work and unlock the door when I  arrive.

I do keep a few makeup essentials for a quick freshen up throughout my day. As I explained in my current makeup routine, my mascara tends to travel down below my eyes. So sometimes I need to reapply at lunch to keep those lashes curled. I also keep my eyeliner just in case I accidentally whip it off/ mess it up when I am fixing my mascara.


I have a lustre MAC lipstick in Viva Glam that I didn’t include this in my current makeup routine as I usually forget I even have it. I think I have carried this little guy in my purses for well over a year. As you can see, it still gets a lot of love even with my horrible memory.


This key chain needed a photo of its own. My love of the Gilmore Girls is something that I do not hide. If you are ever wondering what I am doing on a a given day, I am probably rewatching the pilot episode for the 300th time (please do not ask my opinion of the Year in the Life episodes as you will not get me to stop talking for a few hours).

Somehow my sister found this little key chain just in time for my 30th birthday! I love it so much 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family!

Steph xoxo


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