Spring Motivation


Today was a tough start. I work the early shift so that means getting up just before 6am. On days like today, I need a little motivation to get me going.

Since spring has sprung, I thought I would share some exciting things that are coming this season.

After almost 8 years, my family is finally getting new family photos. The last photos we have are from my sisters wedding in 2010! I think we all probably look a little bit different…

With this upcoming photo shoot, that means I am pushing myself even harder to get my little (or not so little) bum into the gym. I was supposed to start at a new gym this evening but due to work obligations, I am starting tomorrow.

I am now tracking my macros and keeping my calories in check. Thank goodness for My Fitness Pal because without it I would feel so overwhelmed. This time I just have to stay at it and not get distracted by my love for all things CARB.

Spring means beautiful flowers! I am determined to actually get outside and help my mom plant her garden this year (Mom: if you are reading this please hold me accountable for this statement!). In pervious years, I was living in a condo on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. This year I will be living in a house owned by someone else, so it in either scenario, it is near impossible for me to have my own garden. Every year my mom and I go out to the flower shop with all intentions to plant them. Some years, she will go out alone to plant and other years, they happily live in their containers they came in. This year will be different!

Spring also starts WEDDING SEASON! I have a small wedding cake shop and this will begin out 5th wedding season. Time sure does fly when you work a fulltime job and a cake business. This spring/summer/fall will be nothing short of insane but I am up for the challenge. A lot of things will be changing in the area of my life in the near future which I am sure I will include in a post.

Well I don’t know about you but I feel much better now and motivated to start my work day! I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday.

Steph xoxo

d37ae81f47996c878a11776b9b5f329b                                                                                                                                                             Photo Credit


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