Current Beauty Routine


Mondays are always a hard day for me to put on makeup in the morning. My eyes are upset at me for not sleeping in and have no interest in me brushing black gunk anywhere near them.

I am currently driving about 40 minutes to work everyday so I give my eyes a little break and apply makeup in my car before going into my office.

Some people probably think I am crazy to do my makeup in my car but I promise I am parked safely and am jammin’ to 90’s on 9 on SirusXM (it’s always an added bonus when a Backstreet Boys song comes on).

I am pretty basic when it comes to my daily routine so this helps when applying in a confined place. I mainly use a concealer, powder, black eyeliner and mascara. If I am having a bad skin moment (that lovely time of the month) or just feeling a little fancy, I will apply foundation.

For concealer, I have been loving the FitMe Concealer by Maybelline . This has been my go to for a long time and I am happy it doesn’t break me out. I don’t have crazy sensitive skin but for some reason concealers are the worst for me. I am shade 15 but I do currently own 10 as well (I really should pay better attention when shopping).


If I am using foundation, I do reach for the matching partner to the concealer. Fitme Hydrate and Smooth Foundation  in shade 15 (Buff Beige) can oxidize a little so I do need to make sure I am blending it down my neck but overall I do love it. I feel that I always need to set it with powder even though I have a fairly dry complexion.

capture13.jpgTo set my face, I have been loving the Elf Prime and Stay Finishing Powder. I was in Walmart the other day and was so happy to see Elf had more products here in Canada. Previously my cousin and I would need to make big Elf orders and pick them up at a depot in Port Huron. I picked up the finishing powder and a few makeup brushes I was in desperate need of. So far, I am very happy with the finish. It sets everything and is very light weight.


For eyeliner, I have been trying out the Maybelline Master Precise Metallic Liquid Liner. It is very easy to apply and dries very quickly. I have no had any issues with it smearing all over my face (which is shocking to me because again I am applying this in my car).


For mascara, I have been using the Essense I Love Extreme Volume Mascara for a while now. Although I love the way it makes my lashes look, I do find it travels down below my eyes more often that I would like. I have yet to find another that give me the same instant volume so I put up with it. Also, its $4.99!!!


As you can probably tell I am a fan of drug store makeup and getting a good bargain. I go through my everyday makeup so quickly, I just can’t justify the expensive version. I didn’t realize I had so much Maybelline products in my current makeup products so next time I will try branching off to new brands.

What are your current favourites?

Steph xoxo

3 thoughts on “Current Beauty Routine

  1. I never usually stay with the same makeup for long, never found anything I truly love, but I recently picked up e.l.f. mascara and I absolutely LOVE it. (and e.l.f. is cheap, so bonus!) I think it’s just the regular black waterproof…and man is it ever waterproof!


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