Online Dating


Oh what a difference the dating world is these days.

As a single 30 year old woman, you would think it was a choice I made to “follow my career goals rather than settle down” or “be an independent lady that no need no Scrub or commitment”. Unfortunately, that is not the full truth.

Although I do love my job and my freedom, I have always (and still do) see myself in a happy loving relationship with a baseball teams worth of children.

I am a little picky when it comes to whom I have in my life romantically as I am a more traditional girl who is not all about the d. Growing up in a Catholic household gave me a perspective that differs from a lot of society these days. Even though I am not a super religious person in my adulthood, I still maintain a more “holism” lifestyle. I am not the type of girl to cruise Tinder and look for Mr. Right Now.

The dating world does not seem to be made for girls like myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have found a few nice guys in the world of Bumble but no one that is looking for the same things as myself long term.

 I spent so much time trying to sound cute and funny in my bio just to learn that guys don’t really even read it.

Some guys just swipe on every girl just to give themselves an ego boost with no interest in even striking up a real conversation.

Others just write “Hey” and you never hear from them again.

And of course, every girls dream (I am making puking sounds to my computer screen at the moment) the guys that send that wonderful DP. If you are unsure what DP stands for please DO NOT look it up!

So my dating adventure continues and I am happy to get any advice the internet has for me. I will end this post with a picture of the love of my life … my dog Holstein (yes he is named after a breed of dairy cattle).


Steph xoxo  


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